Signs That Your Wedding DJ is The One

Le Wed 23 March 2016

Couples who are getting married will have to rely on the services of a wedding DJ to ensure that the reception does not become a boring event. The Wedding DJ is the one who will be handling the music to be played during the actual wedding ceremony as well as the reception. He or she is the one who the couples will hire for making the event more lively.


If you want to hire a wedding DJ in Hertfordshire, then you have to make sure you find the most reliable one. There are signs that will allow you to know who are those worth hiring and who are those who should not even be considered. Here are some of the signs that you should look into to make the most out of the said professional.


A good DJ listens. This means that the couple will listen to you closely, especially regarding your wishes and instructions. The DJ understands that the wedding is the biggest and most important day of the couple's lives. Thus, they will make sure to give you the dream wedding you wish to have. The DJ will have to put the couple's needs first.


A good DJ can pronounce names right. There are DJs who offer their services and become masters of ceremonies. They take responsibility for the formal announcements as seriously as they can. In that regards, they will make sure that every name included in the list of formal announcements is pronounced correctly. A good DJ will practice pronouncing the names over and over.


A good DJ will play your requested music as well as read the crowd. The said DJ is the professional who knows that your requested music will add more positive memories for your wedding event. They know when to play what music, further enticing the crowd. They know how to handle what the crowd wants as well as what you want.


A good DJ plans ahead regarding the venue. The DJ will contact the venue before the date of the wedding. That way, the DJ can secure the setup logistics. They will know when the venue opens, where to park, any venue rules to follow, and where to bring the equipment. There are other details that the DJ will need to know regarding the venue.


A good DJ never assumes. The DJ double-checks information, making sure that they got the correct one. For example, they will get the exact directions to the couple's wedding venue beforehand. A good DJ does not want to arrive late to their client's wedding reception, after all.


A good DJ tests ahead of time. The DJ will not only arrive at the exact start time of the reception. He or she will also give ample time for testing their equipment. They arrive at the venue a couple of hours earlier at least so that they can set up as well as test the equipment. By doing so, there will be less chance of sound system malfunction during the actual reception.

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