Planning your marquee wedding

Le Mon 05 September 2016

There are lot of couples that think considering going alone and decide on having a marquee wedding is the best choice, budget friendly, and sometime they think it is an easy option. But this is not always true. Do not ever underestimate the work involved in this kind of matter. Not only we are talking about the vent but the actual set up that is prepared and done. It is much more challenging that in a hotel or in a country house location because marquee weddings you have to organize everything from bottom to the top and from the scratch also, having no person who are specialize in this line of work to help you and guide you along the way. You can check this website Essex rental marquees.

If you are planning your marquee wedding, it is very important to think about the reception style and theme that you want as this will also affect what kind of marquee you will hire. Giant tipis or frame, traditional, and also consider to think about the location of your reception. Having to choose a traditional marquees cannot go well with a hard standing like a tennis court or courtyards but this kind of situation you it is very advisable for a frame marquee. You can also have a doors and windows you want an open on one side. You can either select a square tables, round tables or even a long banqueting tables. You can also make a features in your garden and some corporate style or perhaps even your flower border or pond.

There are also a better alternative way if you are not sure in making this kind of decision and responsibility is having to consider in getting a wedding planner profession who are very good with this kind of event. They will assist you with the least project managing or with the planning for your wedding day for you. Having this kind of preparation can be really frustration and hard for you if you do not well known this kind of stuff. A good wedding planner can well decorate your venue that is relevant with your style and theme or any challenges that may occur at the day of your wedding while you are relaxing and partying and enjoying your big day.

If you are having a marquee wedding it is also important to take considering a parking lot for your invited guest and also for your back of house suppliers. If the parking lot is in nearby location field, then you must provide a good walkway for your invited guests just in case the weather is bad, like it is walking into a wet sodden field is a really bad thing. In addition you must have a good signage to guide your guest to your venue.

Preparing a marquee wedding can be a really tough job. So better plan in ahead of time so that you will have lot of options to choose from.

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