How to Write an Effective Job Advertisement

Le Mon 20 March 2017

Working alone to run a business is a nightmare. When you have reached that level in your business where the demands just got a lot more that your two hands are no longer enough to handle everything, the best way to move forward is to get people onboard who can share the load with you or eventually take over the daily operations of your business. So you may have posted an ad on different websites or have advertised in a newspaper, but a few weeks later you still do not have applicants knocking at your doorstep.

There are a few reasons as to why your ad is not attracting ay job seekers at all. An advertisement about a job opening needs to be written in a way that it sparks interest among job seekers. You need to be able to provide the right details so they can also check if it is the right opportunity for them. Job seekers nowadays have also become picky with applying for openings. When you are hiring people, you are also competing with other businesses trying to grab the best one from the talent pool. Here are some tips on how you can write an effective job advertisement.

Write a Catchy one liner

When you advertise in Jobstreet, every job opening has a one liner that kind of sums up every important detail about that opening. An example would be “Bakery Cashier Central London Full Time Day Shift.” The one liner itself will give out the necessary details without giving all of it. By doing this, you can spark interest and at the same time not give everything out so that the applicant is prompted to click on the add and check on the details of that opening.

Write an Effective Detailed Job Description

Writing a job description is important because this will paint a picture of what a day looks like working in your company. This way applicants can start imagining themselves doing the actual work, and from there they can decide if it is what is best for them. Applicants avoid sending applications and wasting their time on job openings that are vague and suspicious.

Provide a background of your business

Every employee is looking for an employer they can be proud of and where there are opportunities for growth. This is where you showcase your company details such as the number of years you have been operating, where you started, where you are headed and how your applicants can become a part of that journey should they be successfully hired.

Use the Salary details with caution

London Security guards job openings are among the trickiest and the most competitive in the job market. When employers want to hire security guards, they need to be able to compete with the other job hunters, especially in the salary aspect. If you put the expected salary on the job ad you need to be very careful to put a figure that is competitive. Otherwise, the applicant will just move to the next ad.

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