That Extra Touch on Your Wedding Day

Le Thu 29 September 2016

Most wedding receptions will have a DJ or live music to provide background ambience and to entertain the guests. But think back to a truly memorable reception that you may have attended. Can you pinpoint what it was that made those occasions really stand out? Odds are it was some sort of special entertainment that was provided by the ever insightful bride or groom. Wedding entertainment possibilities can run from tasteful to truly funky and are only limited by your imagination in the end. Some people have owls deliver wedding rings (can be cheesy!) others have a special sweet cart arriving during the evening festivities.

There are a lot of ways you can jazz up your ceremony and reception and your wedding planning company like can give you some excellent pointers. We have a list of some of the things you can do to make your day exceptionally wonderful!

  • Photo or video montage: A photo montage projected onto a large screen at your reception is always a huge hit with guests. These shows visually tell the story of the bride and groom, from growing up to meeting to engagement and other lovely stories about them. Guests mention again and again what a delight the show was for them. These types of shows are produced by speciality companies and may also be generated by some videographers.
  • Memory preservation: With the advent of new technologies, new possibilities have become available. Preserving wedding photographs and video onto DVDs is one of the biggest ways to preserve your wedding memories. This means that virtually all of your wedding photos and video can be transferred to DVD, so that you can view them on your television in addition to in your wedding album. You can then have copies made relatively inexpensively.
  • Magicians & Tarot cards: Nowadays you can hire jugglers, magicians, balloon artists for kids, tarot card or palm readers for your day. This type of interactive entertainment is always a great hit with everyone, both adults and children alike. These professionals generally have material prepared for all different age groups, so don’t let any preconceived ideas limit your choices.
  • Children’s entertainment: Depending on whether you have children at your wedding at all, having a children’s entertainer at the reception will not only be a delight for the kids, but will free the parents up to enjoy a few hours of quality time. Professional child entertainers have organised games, stories, balloons, bubbles, piñatas etc that will keep the little ones interested for hours.

Ultimately your wedding day has to have enough fun and smiles and no boredom or restlessness from the guests. Table games are always a good way to go as well to keep people entertained while they eat. Go for broke and have the day you want not the day people expect you to have and your wedding will be the talk of the family for years to come!

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